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PERFECTHEARTPH Group Members from our facebook group page had competed last November 6, 2021 for the crown.

20 amazing participants with passion and talent had showcased their art in Diamond Painting.

The following participants from PHILIPPINES Group are:

1. Joy Policarpio

2. Scarby Hawk

3. Rely Banastas

4. Jenanie Fabon

5. Luisa Montalban

6. Roshame Fabon Mendros

7. Wyng Tomelden

8. Yhetz Seguan

9. Wynes Destura

10. Cherly Villanueva

11. Geraldine Garcia

12. Marishel Nervez

13. Jennalyn Gutierrez

14. Mhy Zoleta

15. Dhredzkie Miranda-

16. Jan Ramos

17. Azariah Abiela

18. Echang Pascua

19. May Furagganan

20. Nelam Osteg

The hailed Queen for the said event is Ms. Dhredzkie Miranda and garnered a total of 98% from our 2 Judges Rachelle Evangelista an admin of Diamond Painting Enthusiast & Chill Corner Group and Mr. Reymark Sasis an admin of PerfectheartPH. Ms. Dhredzkie's winning piece showcased the night and day using a GLOW in the dark drills. Her art depicts night and day with her Paskong Belen Art that really wowed the hobbyist and judges. Her creativity and originality made her won amazing prizes such as, a P1,000 cash prize, one (1) 45x85cm Scenery Diamond Painting kit of PerfectheartPH, A personalized event Plaque, PerfectheartPH crown and PerfectheartPH Eco Bag. Additional to that, she was given an AURA PAK QUEEN Personalized Logo under her name.

Our 2nd Winner is Ms. May Furagganan hailed as Darling of the Crowd Winner. She earned the highest heart votes among all other 19 candidates. Ms. May won Store credits and 40x50cm Kit and PerfectheartPH eco bag. Additional to that, she was also given AURA PAK Little Darling Personalized Logo under her name.

Followed by the Little Darling of the Crowd Ms. Joy Policarpio, Nelam Osteg and Marishel Nervez. Little Darling Winners. 3 winners won One (1) Diamond Painting Kit, P50 Store Credits, and PerfectheartPH Eco Bag. They were also given AURA PAK Little Darling of the Crowd Personalized Logo under their names.

The game added some more excitement with "It's time to SHINE" portion, which gave the other members to explain their art via LIVE show to the admin Ako si Jang. The Queen for it's time to shine winner is none other than Ms. Geraldine Garcia that received a 50x70cm PerfectheartPH Diamond Kit art in 1 print exclusive.

Aura Pak 2 has started right after the Aura Pak1 ended and the final submission of entries will be on 28th of February 2022.


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Unknown member
Dec 30, 2021

Congratulations to all winners!

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