AURA PAK 2 "Kumukutikutitap"

PERFECTHEARTPH ❤️ Group has launched it's 2nd wave for AURA PAK EVENT!

With event duration of November 8, 2021 to February 28, 2022.

PerfectheartPh is a diamond painting group in the Philippines 🇵🇭 that composed of warm-hearted and skilled art hobbyist.

The vision of each and every event in the said group is to encourage each and every member to enjoy their diamond painting journey.

Aura Pak Mechanics are the following:

Should be within the category of "Kumukutitap or Christmas Event"

Limited to canvases from PerfectheartPH store.

Must use different kind of diamond beads and or special diamonds to enhance their art or project.

One entry per member.

Finish canvas of each participants should be forwarded to Admin "Ako si Jang" the event specialist in the group as well as company owner of PerfectheartUS branch.

Control numbers will be given to each participants as to admin can anonymously post the pic and video in the group for voting.

1 Winner for "Darling of the Crowd" determined by 1st Part Picture voting by Participants and 2nd Part Video voting by active members and clients of PH.

VOTES will be totalled. Most vote will be hailed as AURA PAK "Darling of the Crowd." Rules implies - only 1 participant can win 1 title. If most voted Participants hailed as Aura Pak Queen, 2nd most voted will automatically take the title.

5 PH Admins and Moderators will judge each Participants artwork with criteria to determine the winner for AURA PAK QUEEN KUTITAP!

The Criteria:

*20% CHARACTER- Over all Creativity, uniqueness, originality and as such. Added designs or altered from it's original pattern?

*20% COMPOSITION- Quality of artistic Composition and over all design based on the subject.

*15% COLOR/TONE - Based on the used diamonds suitability to the design. Balance of Image in the spaces.

*15% VIEWER IMPRESSION - Interpretation and clarity of the Participants art to the viewers.

*30% OVER ALL IMPRESSION - Effect of artwork overall and as a whole. Does the enhancing ideas justifies the overall look of the art and magnifies as well serves it purpose? Presentation status.

PerfectheartPH Team is so excited to know the result soon.

To all Participants well done and all the best!

We are so proud of each one of you!


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